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Why Digital Piano?

Piano is one of the most influential instruments in history, we simply can’t imagine classical and jazz music without it. But traditional grand and upright pianos have a big disadvantage – they are too expensive and they are not portable.

Decades ago when my grandfather decided to buy his first piano, he spent a fortune for an upright piano. Back in those times, people simply couldn’t afford them and most of them could only play on them in music schools. We are lucky to live in a digital era, where technology is so advanced that we can get a digital piano for a fraction of price. They are portable and everyone can get one without breaking the bank.

Our mission:

We aim to provide the latest reviews and ratings of some of the best digital pianos and accessories on the market based on their price, features and real customer reviews. Our mission is to make an ultimate buyer’s guide and provide all the information you need before buying your own digital piano.