Learn and Master Piano with Will Barrow Review

Learning piano is a long, but fun process. Everyone wants to play the most complex classic pieces right at the start, but mastering piano is a journey full of creativity with almost no shortcuts.

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Learning piano at home by yourself is an impossible task, especially if you are a beginner. But what if I told you that there is a Grammy-winning piano instructor who has developed a series of DVDs and learning courses that can help you achieve a great establishment and help you understand the concepts of piano playing?

Learn & Master Piano with Will Barrow is one of the most complete video instruction courses in the world and a great first step into your piano story. For a quick presentation watch the official video, or read our complete review down below.

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Why learning piano at home?

Practicing in piano schools is great and certainly effective, but many people don’t have the time to visit classes regularly, and some just don’t want to because they want a complete freedom with utilizing their own creativity.

Some piano schools are often too expensive for our budgets and all the piano excitement can be lost when you have to follow the exact schedule.

Courses for learning piano at home let you learn whenever you are ready and whenever you feel comfortable and ready for new adventures.

Our Learn and Master Piano Review

Learn and Master Piano was launched in 2007 and it quickly became one of the most popular instructional guides for learning piano at home.

It consists of 20 DVDs, a lesson book with more than 100 pages, and 5 audio CDs with play-along music. On top of that, you will get full access to premium area on their website, where you can ask their professional instructors anything you’d like and they will always be there to help you out with your progress. You can also chat and exchange experience with other students that follow the same programs.

20 DVDs

Package of 20 DVDs is a core of Learn and Master program. Each has a package of lessons which are really explained in details and easy to follow by complete beginners who just started to learn.

For better understanding, videos are full of on-screen graphics such as keyboard and notes. They really come useful when practicing and they make lessons very easy to understand.

Here are a couple of screenshots taken directly from videos:


5 audio CDs to play along:

Learning piano is most effective when it’s fun, and what is more fun than playing along your favorite songs? Most students say that play-along CDs are their favorite part of Learn & Master program.

There are more than 120 music tracks included which were all recorded in professional music studios. But don’t be afraid, beginner songs come with different tempos, so you can start slowly and eventually progress to the fastest tempos. Check out their official website for a short list of music clips.

Workbook with 100+ pages:

Chances are, you won’t always be able to use a DVD player or radio, so workbook comes very handy in those situations. It consists of 104 pages of well explained material and it is organized by chapters, so you can easily progress by levels.

Online support site:

If we look at most other piano learning courses, they have one big problem. It doesn’t matter how well it’s all explained, they simply can’t answer all of the questions students may have.

Learn&Master program includes a membership to their premium area where students can share their experience and download some additional learning tips. There are also instructors available every day with their exclusive tips, which is one of the nicest features of whole program in our opinion.

Where to Buy it and What’s the price?

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Learn and Master program is undoubtedly one of the most popular piano learning courses in the world. It offers everything you wish as a beginner and access to their premium support area is like having your own instructor to help you with your progress.

One thing we forgot to mention is warranty. It comes with 60-days money-back guarantee with no questions asked, so if for any reason you are not satisfied with it, you can simply return complete package and receive your money back. But we highly doubt you will ever want to return it.

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