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Pros: Overture is a very popular instrument among beginners. Most of it has to do with its affordable price and a fact that unlike Yamaha or Casio digital pianos, Overture comes with 3 pedals and a quality and attractive frame that usually only comes with pianos in much higher price range.
Cons: Doesn't live up to standards of high-end brands, it sounds artificial and response of keys can't be compared to better brands.

Williams is one of the most popular digital piano brands right after Yamaha, Roland, Casio and others. Their pianos are very affordable and that’s the main reason for their huge popularity among beginners. But can their Overture digital piano stand up to quality of similar priced Casio PX150 and Yamaha P105? Sadly, the answer is no.

Our ultimate Williams Overture Review

Overture is one of those rare digital pianos in affordable price range, that come with a frame and 3 pedals. Similar products usually come with cheap keyboard stands which really can’t provide authentic feel like acoustic instruments. Overall design is one of Overture’s stronger areas because it really looks like a classic instrument, and it can easily fit into any living room with its attractive black design.

Although Overture is a decent digital piano, it has some cons that are impossible to overlook, especially by advanced pianists. It features 88 keys with Graded Hammer Action, but it doesn’t sound or feel as authentic as other high-end products in similar price range from Yamaha or Casio. That is not a problem if you are a beginner, but any advanced or professional piano player will spot the difference instantly.

Low ratings explanation:

Although list of features looks great for its price, Overture falls short in most important areas – sound and feel.

Sound – Yamaha and Casio use their own advanced technology for sound sampling. Sadly, Williams Overture doesn’t get close to their levels. It sounds artificial and inconsistent, and on top of that, it has issues with volume control and just doesn’t feel natural.

Keyboard – Overture has 88 black and white keys like acoustic pianos, but that’s where similarity ends. Although it features Hammer-action, it falls short compared to technology used by other brands. When you press the key, the sound is triggered too early before it even reaches its bottom and even if you press it slowly. If you are a beginner, you probably won’t notice anything wrong with that, but it will eventually result in poor playing habits. When you play harder and faster, Overture produces annoying clicking sounds like something would hitting a wooden area below.

Pedals – Although it comes with 3 pedals, which is more than average digital piano in this price range, damper pedal only has on and off function, which makes it impossible to imitate feel of acoustic pianos. You probably won’t notice the difference if you are a beginner, but if you want to make a progress as a piano player, it seems like an impossible task without the “half-pedal” function.

What about the good stuff?

There are 2 areas in which Overture doesn’t fall behind from its competitors. Obviously it comes with an attractive frame with black design and very affordable price, but that’s about it.


List of Technical Specs:

  • Dimensions – 54” x 20” x 34”
  • Weight – 150 lbs
  • Keyboard – 88 notes with Hammer action
  • Touch Sensitive – Velocity-sensitive
  • Number of Pedals – Sustain, Sustenuto and Soft
  • Voices – 15 + 128 MIDI playback voices
  • Demonstration – 15 Quick Voice demos and 10 demo songs
  • In-built songs – 58
  • Recorder – 2-Track
  • Polyphony – 64-note
  • Connectivity – AUX In/Out, USB-to-device port

Where to Buy and What’s the Price?



Our advice is to look for alternatives from other brands like Casio and Yamaha. There are a lot of better alternatives to choose from for $600, but if you add $200, you can get one of the top digital pianos in affordable price range, like Yamaha DGX-650!


Williams Overture could stand up to many higher priced digital pianos, but sadly it falls short in most important areas. If you only play the most basic piano music and you don’t want to progress through time, I’m sure Overture will look great in your living room and you won’t find anything wrong about it. But as soon as you gain experience and knowledge to compare it with other acoustic or high-end digital pianos, you will know exactly why we rated it so low.

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