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Pros: One of the cheapest instruments on our list of recommendations with features of pianos in much higher price range. Weighing just 32 lbs, the Yamaha P105 a very lightweight portable piano by any standard. It offers quality sound (sampled from CFIIIS), Graded Hammer action and all the features you wish from a portable piano.
Cons: None.

P105 is another product from Yamaha on our list. It is one of the most affordable digital pianos in the world that doesn’t lack important features, and still provides premium performance, like some models in much higher price range. With a weight of just 36.2 lbs, it is portable enough to be carried around wherever you want to.

Ultimate Yamaha P105 Review

Although it’s one of the cheapest pianos on the market, surprisingly P105 doesn’t lack advanced features and quality that come from most products in higher price range. Its predecessor was one of the most popular portable pianos in the world (P95), but Yamaha raised the bar even higher with their latest inventions and features.

It has 88 notes with Graded Hammer action, and 128 note polyphony, so it is recommendable for both, beginners and advanced piano players. Its sound was sampled from Yamaha CFIII, which is one of the best concert grands in the world. Watch the official video presentation down below.

List of Top Features:

Quality of sound – Sound was never an issue with Yamaha and their Pure CF sound engine. They have been known for sampling the best acoustic piano sounds and transforming them into digital world. Sound of P105 was sampled from CFIII, which has received standing ovation in world’t most known concert halls and music competitions. It also have 12 different voices, 10 styles and 10 rhythm functions to choose from, more than any other digital piano in this price range.

Keyboard – For an ultimate feel, Yamaha has equipped P105 with 88-notes and Graded Hammer action which makes heavier touch on lower notes and softer touch on higher notes. It offers 4 different sensitive settings to choose from (Hard, Medium, Soft and Fixed) to match everyone’s playing style. It also has a dual mode, which allows you to split keyboard in half, so you can play different instrument with your left hand.

Design – P105 comes in 2 attractive and modern designs (black and white). It weights 36.2 lbs, so carrying it around is not a problem and you won’t have to ask your neighbors for help.

Connectivity – P105 comes with “USB to host” module, which allows you to connect it directly to your computer. There is also an AUX line, which can be connected to headphones, computer’s sound card, external speakers, or mixing console, so pianists will have everything they need for live performing.

Included accessories – P105 has included headphone jack, 1 pedal and music rest. Optionally, you can include keyboard stand or bench, so you’re welcome to check out our list of ultimate list of accessories.

Warranty – 3 years on parts and labor (additionally up to 2 years on drops and spills), as well as all electrical and mechanical failures. Yamaha also guarantees to cover 2-way shipping costs and repairing every failure in 5 days or less.

List of Technical Specs:

  • Dimensions –  58.2” x 16.1” x 11.8”
  • Weight – 35.7 lbs
  • Keyboard – 88 notes with Graded Hammer
  • Touch Sensitive – 4 Levels
  • Number of Pedals – 2
  • Number of Preset Songs – 14 demo and 50 Piano Songs
  • Notes of polyphony – 128
  • Speakers – 2 – 12cm+5cm
  • Power consumption – 11W
  • Design – Black or White
  • Warranty : 3-year on Parts and Labor

Where to Buy it and What’s the Price?

P105 is listed at $999, but right now it comes with an amazing 40% discount. There is also a free shipping option available for a limited time.


If you are looking for affordable and portable digital piano that doesn’t lack advanced features, Yamaha P105 is one of the most interesting options. It is appropriate for both, beginners and advanced pianists. We have went through many customer reviews throughout the internet, but we couldn’t find any constructive bad testimonial.

Of course it doesn’t have a keyboard cover, pedals, or a stand included and they have to be purchased separately. But P105 was designed to be carried around and considering its affordable price, it is the best one in its area in our opinion.

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