Top 5 piano related movies of all time

It’s not a secret that I’m a big movie fan. Dramas, thrillers, adventures, sci-fi, you name it. Here is my own personal list of the best movies involving piano with my short reviews and trailers. 100% spoilers-free.

The Pianist

The Pianist is based on a true story of Wladyslaw Szpilman, a Polish Jew who struggled to survive in World war 2. Adrien Brody won an Oscar for the best actor, Polanski for the best director and Ronald Harwood for the best adapted screenplay. The pianist was also nominated for many other awards and received praises from many critics throughout the world.

There are several Chopin’s masterpieces played throughout the movie and story-line is one of the best in the history of screenplays. If you watches Schindler’s list and you liked it, you will find The pianist just as good or possibly even better. I won’t spoil the story line, so check out trailer down below or borrow a DVD at your local DVD store.

IMDB ratings – 8.5 (Top 50 movies of all time)

Released – 2002

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If you are a fan of Mozart, this movie is a must-watch. With 8.4 ratings on IMDB, it is one of the best 100 movies of all time. It was directed by Miloš Forman (One flew over the cuckoo’s nest, Man on the Moon, The people vs Larry Flint…), who also received an Oscar for the Best director award for Amadeus in 1985. Amadeus was nominated for 53 awards in total (including 11 Academy Awards), and received 40 of them, including an Oscar for The best actor, The best director, The best sound and many others.

Story is told by Antonio Salieri, Mozart’s “rival”. He wanted to be as successful as him, but didn’t understand how Mozart is able to compose masterpieces and he can’t. Whole movie has its ups and downs and don’t be surprised if you find yourself in tears from time to time. I won’t spoil the story-line, borrow a DVD in your local movie store, or buy your own on Amazon.

IMDB ratings – 8.5 (Top 100 movies of all time)

Released – 1985

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Shine is another classic biography movie based on life events of David Helfgott, an Australian concert pianist. It is rated with 7.7 from over 37.000 critics on IMDB, which makes it officially one of the best pianist biography movies of all time.  Geoffrey Rush made an outstanding job playing David Helfgott and received an Academy Award for the Best actor in a leading role.

Shine was also nominated for many other awards and in my opinion, it should get more of them, at least one for the best director.

IMDB ratings – 8.5 (Top 100 movies of all time)

Released – 1985

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The Piano

The Piano is the only movie on my list that isn’t based on true story. It’s one of my favorite movies with a beautiful story set in 19th century. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in tears. Holly Hunter received Oscar for the best actress and Anna Paquin for the best supportive actress. Must watch.

IMDB ratings – 7.6

Released – 1993

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32 short films about Glenn Gould

If I described this movie in 1 sentence, it would be “Unusual movie about unusual man”. It’s a biography of Glenn Gould, a man who really knew how to play masterpieces of Bach. Movie includes documentary interviews with people who knew him with dramatizations of scenes from his life.

Why should you watch this movie in the first place? Not just because Glenn Gould was an amazing pianist, but he was also one of a kind person full of eccentricity and interesting personality. Let me tell you a story about his brilliance.

In 1970, Gould received a phone call on Thursday evening. He was asked if he could replace Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli and play Beethoven’s Concerto No.5 in front of live audience in Toronto. One problem was that Glenn hasn’t played any Beethoven’s piece for years. Other problem was that concert was scheduled for the next morning (about 8 hours after he received a phone call). Surprisingly, Glenn Gould said yes and arrived in Toronto the next morning. If you want to see how successful was he, check out this video.

IMDB ratings – 7.4

Released – 1993

Watch it on DVD –


Have I missed any? You are welcome to give us your thoughts and recommendations in the comment section down below.


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